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GridGain also provides Community Edition which is a distribution of Apache Ignite made available by GridGain. It is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Apache Ignite. The Community Edition is generally more stable than the Apache Ignite release available from the Apache Ignite website and may contain extra bug fixes and features that have not made it yet into the release on the Apache website.


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Synchronize jobs on all Ignite nodes.

If you are familiar with java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch for synchronization between threads within a single JVM, Ignite provides IgniteCountDownLatch to allow similar behavior across cluster nodes.

A distributed CountDownLatch in Ignite can be created as follows:

Ignite ignite = Ignition.ignite();

IgniteCountDownLatch latch = ignite.countDownLatch(
    "latchName", // Latch name.
    10,        	 // Initial count.
    false        // Auto remove, when counter has reached zero.
    true         // Create if it does not exist.

After the above code is executed, all nodes in the specified cache will be able to synchronize on the latch named - latchName. Below is an example of such synchronization:

Ignite ignite = Ignition.ignite();

final IgniteCountDownLatch latch = ignite.countDownLatch("latchName", 10, false, true);

// Execute jobs.
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    // Execute a job on some remote cluster node.
    ignite.compute().run(() -> {
        int newCnt = latch.countDown();

        System.out.println("Counted down: newCnt=" + newCnt);

// Wait for all jobs to complete.

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Synchronize jobs on all Ignite nodes.

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